Friday, May 22, 2009

Citizenship Test

After spending a week of swotting and taking various practice tests on line, we both took the test today. After the usual waiting period which seems to be the norm in these government offices, we filled out the appropriate details which allowed us to proceed to the testing room.

100% !!

Yep, 20 questions later (literally), and the results were in. Full score for both of us.

So we've now put our applications in and paid our dues. I think it's now a case of sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
I imagine a government office like the one from the film Brazil, with an intray full of thousands of applications, and then 6 months later someone looks at the form and rubber stamps it.

So if all goes well, we'll be attending a civil ceremony where we swear allegiance to BBQs, Aussie rules and being able to swear like a trouper.

Bloody Oath!!