Saturday, February 12, 2005

Our anniversary!

12th February - our 14th anniversary!
So we thought we'd spend it somewhere special. We first visited this beach two and a bit years ago on our first trip to Australia. Our friends Phil and Bee took us and it's not far from where they lived - lucky devils!
We still had our hire car so we packed up with our picnic stuff, using our brand new Esky (that's a cool-bag, the original cool-bag, for those who're not in the know)! We also had a picnic rug, beach towels, suncream, swimmers (another Aussie term meaning cossies/trunks) and of course the cameras. We parked the car and unloaded all our gear. We forgot how long & rugged the trek was to the beach - it must have taken 30 minutes to get down, and with all our stuff! But it was still lovely - we were among trees, at last!
To our great annoyance, there were already some people enjoying themselves on 'our' beach!! Yes, it is a bit much to expect to have it all to ourselves, but we were so used to seeing completely deserted beaches. There was actually very little shade and the people that were there already (all 2 couples) had bagged the shady bits! We struggled on with our stuff and set up near the edge of the sand, where it starts to get grassy. We just got our sarnies and olives out and realised that we were about to share it with an army of ants (in all shapes, colours and sizes). I managed to take a few bites, but then had to give up. I persuaded Dean to pack up and move and we went across to the other side of the beach and set up in the shade of a huge rock (no ants, spiders or any other creepy crawlies). A monitor lizard did amble by (the one in the photo), but completely ignored us!!
There were some lads in the water messing around, playing 'throw the dog' (no animals were harmed during this)! Eventually they took off in their little motor boat. That was one lot gone - how could we get the others to go?!!
We ate some food, drank some water (lovely & cold, thanks to our mini, bottle esky)! And after a while the rest of them drifted off, as if they could read our minds! So we stripped off to our swimmers and went into the sea. Boy it was cold to start with. Dean just jumped in and urged me to do the same, but once again my irritating asthmatic reaction to the cold was leaving me literally breathless. I wasn't going to let it get the better of me, so I pressed on, slowly lowering myself into the water. It was a bit more unsettling than at Shark Beach, as there were no nets and no life guards. Needless to say we didn't venture very far - we made sure we could still touch the sandy bottom!! The gentle waves are so soothing and relaxing. We could feel the sun start to bake us, so we forced ourselves out and picked our way through the rock pools to our spot.
That's when I saw the pelicans circling around. They were over the trees at the far side and I couldn't tell what they were at first. Then they made their way over to us and one landed just on the shoreline. They are lovely, gigantic birds! Unfortunately, some bloke on a jetski decided to come in to the beach creating much noise. The pelican, obviously offended by this, promptly took off. I managed to capture it's take off on the video camera though, just before the batteries ran out!
It was a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We polished it off by going for a posh curry in Glebe! Gorgeous!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

The bay

Flint and Steel Beach

Weathered rock


Pelican landing

Monitor lizard

Tree top

Blood gum