Saturday, October 22, 2005

Amazing Australian Wildlife!

On the way back from Middle Cove, I stopped and had to take this photo. Not sure what the sign is meant to be warning?
That there is wildlife around?
Caution- you may see some amazing wildlife?

Any way here it is....

suit yourselves!! :o)

Middle Cove

One thing that we will never tire of while being in Australia, is the absolute natural beauty which surrounds you whereever you go. Whether it be local beaches or out in the 'bush' you will always be confronted by amazing trees or spectacular viewpoints which take your breath away. This is topped off every now and again by wildlife popping it's head up to say hello! This trip proved to be no exception.

On the way to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, we decided to stop off at a little place marked on the map called Middle Cove. It didn't look like a massive area of land and so we weren't sure what we were going to see. But it looked like it overlooked middle harbour, and we've yet to be disappointed with off the cuff decisions to try new places out.

Since having the car it's been great for getting out of the city and exploring all the parks and beaches which are actually not that far away.

The small park itself was nothing exceptional and it more or less was a loop in the road. In fact we drove in and out without realising on our first attempt. We decided to go back in and park up and have a look around.

There were a few walking tracks around and we decided to take one which looked back onto a peninsula called Castle Cove. This photo is from the walking track looking out onto the water and the cove. Typical bushland which is looking very lush and green. After a short 20 min walk or so, we came to a lookout which overlooks Middle Harbour. If you look on a map this is a pocket of water that seems crowded by lots of peninsulas which can be sailed to by going through Spit Bridge.

We can never get enough of trees while being out here, so here's a few more to keep you going too!

The first one is a scribbly bark gum tree, which is caused, I think, by some creature crawling around just under the bark. One of the many many variations of gum trees along the way.

On the way out of this little oasis of bush, in what seemd like a housing estate, we chanced upon this Kookaburra who was not phased with us pulling up as close as we could in the car and trying to take a photo. In fact he seemed like he wanted to pose for us.

There's something about these birds which makes it special every time we see one and of course their call which has become that very Australian sound when we go walking.

We took quite a few of him as he sat contentedly in the tree as we sat in the car trying to position the camera for the best shot. I think Lisa took this one, or so she will claim!! :o)

But then every where is very photogenic which makes it a bit more straight forward to get a good shot. Especially when the wildlife is so accommodating!