Saturday, March 26, 2005


As you will know, we’ve been taking sailing lessons, at Rushcutter’s Bay. We’re having a fantastic time and really enjoying the lessons. I get a bit nervous before the lesson, but once I’m there, it’s great. We sail in the harbour, so have great views of the Opera House and Sydney Bridge. There are hundreds of other boats out as well, as you can imagine. Sometimes we get a little too close for comfort! Last Sunday a freighter was coming into the harbour and it was travelling at some speed I can tell you! They're huge and you feel so insignificant in comparison. Only a couple of lessons left and a theory! We’re going to continue though with more lessons, so we’ll be ready to charter a boat when our visitors come to see us!
The photos here are taken on Mikey's boat that he built himself - it's amazing!! He even made the sails, which are a work of art! We went up to see Bee and Mikey in Avalon and we went sailing on Pittwater. The weather was a real mixture - we had brilliant hot sun, clouds, rain, wind, no wind - so it was quite a practise session for us. And of course we finished the day off by having a curry!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Why did I get the yellow one, I hate yellow!

Mikey and Bee!

Ahoy there!

Mikey's gorgeous boat!

The sun's coming out!