Sunday, January 16, 2005

Trip to Manly

At the first opportunity, we went to Manly again. We'd only been in the Spring before so it was completely different to this day. It was now the height of Summer and a Sunday - the busiest time of all!! We had a bit of a shock when we saw how busy the beach was. It was of course a beautifully sunny day and we soon wished we'd brought our swimmers. We walked around to Shelley Beach and had some coffee and cake (of course) - don't let Dean try and tell you he doesn't have a sweet tooth!! We had a look around the shops and the market. We bought our new cafetiere (essential bit of kit), beach towels and two new picnic chairs for the beach/picnics/concerts in the park, etc!! All we need now is an Esky!!

Manly beach

Some bird