Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mum and Dad arrive in Sydney!!!

Well, excited or what!!?? Mum and Dad (or Linda and Chris to everyone else, apart from brother Jon!) arrived this morning!
We got up in plenty of time, safe in the thought that getting through customs takes an age. Then we checked the arrivals on the website and realised they’d landed ½ hour early!! So panic stations and off to the airport! Those early morning landings are manic at the airport – they all seem to come in at the same time. We had been waiting about 15 minutes when Dean decided to look outside, and what do you know – they were waiting there! It took away all that anticipation I had been building up for that initial tearful reunion that you see all families go through (and that I usually join in on, ‘cause I’m a sentimental old bugger). I feel cheated!! But then I soon forgot that, as excitement took over again. They were feeling obviously tired, but holding up well. We whisked them straight off to the Opera House for that usual baptism of the sights for new arrivals! Then back home for a quick freshen up before taking them to Glebe Market down the road. We hadn’t planned anything too hectic on their first day. A spot of lunch at our favourite cafĂ©, lounging around, then to Darling Harbour for a drink in the evening. It wasn’t long before they needed their bed!

The next three and a bit weeks were jammed packed, but I’ll try not to go into too much detail otherwise you’ll be here reading for a year! I’ll just try to pick out the highlights from the main trips and sights. Most of the photos we've used here were taken by mum and dad, by the way!!