Monday, April 11, 2005


Here are a few shots that we've taken since doing our course. We can't post everything - I think it would overload the blogspot, and most of them wouldn't be that interesting to you!
We had our last 'lesson' yesterday. We had to take an exam! Well, it was a pretty relaxed affair, but nevertheless, it's been a while since I sat a test! We handed in our final assignment which was a selection of shots from a theme of our choice. We mounted them as they will be shown in a mini exhibition at the centre (only upstairs in the workshop rooms, not in their gallery)! We’ve had homework every week! The assignments basically give you the practice after the theory of the classroom. We feel like we’re really improving and have finally taken the camera off automatic and put it on manual!! There’s been a mix of people on the course and we've got on really well. Despite it being a beginner’s course, I did expect everyone to have more experience than me, but they hadn’t. One guy had bought his camera an hour before the first class started! So it was a nice to discover that we were all in the same boat! It's a shame it's now ended. We intend to do the next course, but not sure how many of this group will do the same.

Amazing fig tree roots

Taking city shots for our assignments.

Dean contemplating his birthday!

Beautiful colours

Coogee on Dean's birthday!

This is a school PE class??!!!!

That's a ferry going past if you couldn't work it out!