Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sparky and the FA Cup!!!

Saturday Night.
Being what seems like a million miles away from the English footy season, or 'soccer' as it is known over here, I caught wind of the Cup final on the day it was happening! When I say day, I actually mean that kick off was at 12 midnight!
Should I stay up and try to catch it live? Questions, questions!
In the end I found myself nearing 12 and thought well why not, thinking of Andy back home nervously waiting to see Arsenal give his team a football lesson! ;o)
The first half came and went with as much excitement as watching a game of chess unfold with no player willing to take any risks! So I decided to turn in, knowing that some how I would change the luck of the game and there would be a 20 goal fest as soon as I turned it off!
Sunday Morning.
Ben and Em very kindly agreed to drive us to the quarantine station to come back with a well travelled pussy cat! Ben told me the news that the cup final had resulted in a 0-0 draw through full time and extra time, only to be resolved by a penalty shoot out which ended in a 5-4 score line. That would have meant me not actually going to bed that night, confirming I made the right decision to turn it off!
Hard luck Andy! Next year maybe! :o)
So.....we drove to the quarantine station which seemed to take no time at all and before we knew it we had a cat in a box in the back seat, heading back to Glebe. He took the journey well and sat there taking it all in. To be honest he's a well seasoned traveller by now so another car journey means nothing in light of his recent adventure! We let him out of the box and he spent the first ten minutes wondering around from room to room, checking out his new abode just to make sure we had made a good decision about the house and that it met with his approval. He gave a thumbs up the only way he could by non stop purring and giving us the mohican (hairs on his back standing up, which means he's excited) for the next few hours.
Looks like the early signs are good and he's more than happy to be here. With Sparky home, our puzzle is now complete and he's a fully fledged aussie feline!

a well travelled feline

at last....peace and quiet!