Monday, April 17, 2006

Royal Easter Show

Well, that was an experience! Sydney-siders either love it or hate it - that is, the Royal Easter Show! Dean hated it, but I'll sit on the fence and say I enjoyed it, but probably won't go again!!
I bought my McLeod's Daughters hat, which I love and use obsessively when I'm horsing around (I wear a helmet when I'm riding, mum).
We were introduced to another 'Australianism' today - showbags! These are bags of goodies that most of us associate with trade exhibitions - crappy magazine, pen, handy little torch that either goes forever and is actually extremely useful or else forgets it ever knew that it's job was to illuminate the way - you know the sort of thing!! Well, we entered a giant marquee which was full of stalls, but these stalls weren't promoting their wares in the normal way that traders do, they were actually selling 'showbags'! My Aussie friends had told me that this would be the highlight of the day, but I can assure you that my experience was completely the opposite. They were overpriced tat, and that's being polite! Having said that, I did buy one! my defense, it contained edible goodies - a selection of cheeses and the bag itself was a very handy little coolbag. This was by far the best value 'showbag' there (and I still use the coolbag)!

The highlight of the day was seeing the Woodchopping competition - they were SO fast!