Monday, June 13, 2005

On A Side Note

With all this absolutely gorgeous weather there is one down side! In 2 weeks we are taking a weekend trip down to Thredbo, one of Australia's snow boarding resorts. Only, there is no snow! Bugger! It's a 4 hour drive away, so we're looking forward to having an extended snow board season that is only a short drive away. Last year was apparently the best snow for about 15 years.....looks like it's a little slow this year.
Every day for the next 2 weeks we'll be watching the weather reports and praying for snow in the mountains and also that winter in the city remains as beautiful as always.

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The Queen's Birthday

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend! Yay! And all thanks to the Queen. Well not exactly! Apparently the original holiday was for the king, but seeing as he's dead it's now officially the Queen's birthday bank holiday! But not in Western Australia for some reason.

Wandered down into the city today after a great brekkie of French toast with maple syrup washed down with a large mug of flat white! All set for the day!
Weekends are usually spent doing our photography assignments as it tends to give us the most freetime to take lots of photos. This weeks assignment is particularly difficult, having to take a series of photos from the viewpoint of a giant. a dog, an 80 year old man, etc.
So it was dodging in and out of coffee shops around the rocks, for lots of inspiration....oh and cake too!!

We went over to the Dendy cinema by the quays in the shadow of the opera house. Dendy's a great arthouse cinemas and we'd heard of a Chinese film called 2046, so we booked tickets to return later with Ben and Em.
Not sure it was a good idea! It was a very challenging film. It went on for about 40 mins too long and it had already reached a stage where I thought it had resolved itself and was preparing my bum to vacate the seat, when a new stroy element was introduced and on it went. Ben was able to catch up on some sleep! Sydney Film Festival is on for the next 2 weeks and there's a few films that takes my maybe have better luck with those.

Got up early in the morning to get down to Rushcutters Bay for 9AM. Sailing seems to be the watch word for amazing weather and today was no exception. After yesterdays little blip with a short spell of much needed rain, this morning was absolutley fabulous. Winter here never ceases to amaze me and I think it was a miserable 23 degrees!! So it was on with the sun tan lotion, and off for 3 hours of sailing around the harbour.
There was a few bouts of bugger all wind, so floating around Sydney harbour taking in the fantastic city sights and the never tiring opera house was the focus of the day. Gigg was my instructor yet again. The very eccentric Swiss (that great sailing nation!!) instructor with a need for speed. The lesson generally sways between him trying to lean the boat over as far as it will go in the water while catching the best possible wind or, if that's not entertaining enough, it's a case of cutting through all the winter series races and dodging in and out of the path of oncoming sail boats!! Certainly makes an interesting morning of sailing when Gigg's onboard.

So after sailing it was a case of back to the house to start preparations for Gav, Jean, Aladar and Debbie to come round for a night of food, wine (and lots of it) and snowboarding stories! In fact it ended up being too much wine as the next morning proved!

Yes!! woke up with a great hangover. Lisa, who very rarely suffers from the effects of booze, also was a bit worse for wear this morning. That fine Australian wine!
So it was down to Bronte for some fresh air and to catch up with the Team Bondi Posse. Another great winter's day but not as nice as yesterday.

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