Thursday, February 09, 2006


Meet Noodle, Sparky's new girlfriend! Honest, that's her name - it's on her tag! This is as much as I got to see the first few times, as she watched from the safety of the tree!

I know there's been some questions in the past over Sparky's sexual preferences, but I just need to point out that the boy-cat chased him in Denaby, not the other way around!

Noodle is a chocolate Burmese, I think - very posh, and pretty! She obviously sees the (very) distant breeding in Sparky! Here she is, sneaking in!

She doesn't like humans! I get hissed at if I go too close, but obviously she will take food from me! I think she might see me as the other woman! She will follow Sparky into the house too and slowly slink past me (only two feet away), as if I can't see her! She follows him everywhere - under the tree, on the pavestones, on the deck, in the house, under the barbeque! I can't see what they get up to under the tree, so don't like that as a parent!

In this photo, Sparky is under the bbq (on the left) and Noodle is trying to entice him out!! I think he's a bit intimidated by her - she is rather forward!!

We're going snowboarding to Fernie, Canada on Saturday and Sparky is staying with Aunty Marie. So he won't be able to frolick with Noodle for two weeks. I hope he copes!