Saturday, July 22, 2006

Perisher Blue

Our second trip snowboarding in Australia! A bigger posse this time and we thought we'd go to the other main resort in New South Wales, which is twinned interestingly with Fernie in Canada! Pity it doesn't have the same amount of snow as Fernie!

Perisher is an OK place to board, but there weren't enough slopes open (due to lack of snow), so after a weekend, we really felt like we'd had enough of the same old runs. There certainly wasn't anywhere to go off-piste - don't know if this changes when there is snow!
Transport was annoying - getting to the apartment was a bit of a trial, as the resort doesn't allow ANY cars at all to park overnight. So we had to unpack everything and then take the 3 cars back to the last village and get the train shuttle back.

However, that didn't stop us having a fantastic time!